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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife
Contributor(s):Alexander, Eben (Author)

ISBN: 1451695195   EAN: 9781451695199
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Binding: Paperback
Language(s): English
Pub Date: 10/23/2012
Annotation: As he lay in a coma, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander explains that he "journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence [where] he met and spoke with the Divine source of the universe ...

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Review Quotes:
"Dr. Eben Alexander's near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon. [He] is living proof of an afterlife."--Raymond A. Moody, M.D., Ph.D., author of Life After Life

Review Quotes:
"Eben Alexander brings a unique perspective to the sacred world combining a glorious, personal vision of spiritual consciousness with patient, insightful scientific inquiry. "Proof of Heaven" is a compelling story of what may lie ahead for all of us in the life beyond this one. We have nothing to fear." --Allan J. Hamilton, MD, FACS, author of "The Scalpel and the Soul" and "Zen Mind, Zen Horse"

Review Quotes:
""Proof of Heaven" is more than just an awe-inspiring account of a profound encounter with spiritual reality. Dr. Alexander's neuroscience career taught him that near-death experiences are brain-based illusions, and yet his personal experience left him dumbstruck. His honest struggle to make sense of this unforgettable journey is a gripping story, unique in the literature of spiritual experiences, that may well change how we understand our role in the universe." --Bruce Greyson, MD, co-editor of "The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation"

Review Quotes:
"I can highly recommend this important book that has the potential to break many scientific taboos." --Dr. Pim van Lommel, cardiologist, author of "Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience"

Publisher Marketing:
Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.
Then, Dr. Alexander's own brain was attacked by a rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion--and in essence makes us human--shut down completely. For seven days he lay in a coma. Then, as his doctors considered stopping treatment, Alexander's eyes popped open. He had come back.
Alexander's recovery is a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.
Alexander's story is not a fantasy. Before he underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition.
This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Reading it will change your life.

Review Citations:
  • Kirkus Reviews 09/15/2012 (EAN 9781451695182, Hardcover)

Contributor Bio: Alexander, Eben
Eben Alexander, MD, has been an academic neurosurgeon for the last twenty-five years, including fifteen years at the Brigham & Women's and the Children's Hospitals and Harvard Medical School in Boston. He is the author of "Proof of Heaven" and "The Map of Heaven". Visit him at

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