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Lord of Rings: Aragorns Quest - Waiting for Publisher Reprint
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Format: Nintendo WII
Language(s): English
Pub Date: 09/14/2010

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UPC: 883929085972
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The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest is the first videogame offering an authentic and accessible The Lord of the Rings gameplay experience designed for all ages to enjoy together. In The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, preparations are underway in Hobbiton for a great party to welcome Aragorn, King of Gondor, and honor Samwise Gamgee for his service during the War of the Ring. Samwises children are eager to learn more of this great man. Samwise, now Mayor, embarks on a tale of the revered warrior, Strider''as Aragorn is known in his Ranger days''and his most valiant battles. Players assume the role of Aragorn and embark on a single player quest reliving his greatest battles from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This action combat game allows fans to defend Middle-earth as they wield sword, bow and shield against Saurons evil forces. As players progress through the game, they can upgrade Aragorns weapons, armor and combat skills to fit their individual fighting style. From the young warrior Strider to the valiant King, every skirmish matters on the adventure to reign supreme! Features Extension of the Movie Experience: Embark upon a single player campaign that follows the complete story of Aragorn, spanning The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Intuitive, Pick-Up-and-Play Combat System: Experience skirmishes that are satisfying and fun for the casual gamer, but with customizable upgrades and abilities that appeals to more sophisticated players. Upgradeable Combat: Customize Aragorn to suit your battle style by unlocking abilities and upgrading armor as the character levels up and develops. Unlock Special Character abilities: Unleash powerful moves by gaining morale as players launch attack against enemies. These moves can range from offensive attacks and ranged attacks to temporary boosts during the course of the game. Bonus Arena Mode: Test your combat skill in a series of small battlefields set in key locations of Middle-earth. Players can earn special items by completing a series of goals, and then use those items in story mode.

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